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MBA in Financial Management or MBAFM is a brand new MBA Specialization program announced by IGNOU. As the name suggests, the MBAFM program emphasizes the Financial Management field while retaining all the core advantages of the famed IGNOU Distance MBA program. The MBAFM program is extremely flexible and is specially designed not just for the Indian financial market but also for the international financial scenario, ideal for both new students and working professionals. 

Just like the other IGNOU Specialization programs, the program’s overall structure is slightly tweaked from the IGNOU Distance MBA. More information regarding the IGNOU Distance MBA in Financial Management is given below.

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The information about the distance MBA given below are for quick reading. To get a detailed picture about each section, click on the respective links on each and read the detailed guides.

IGNOU Distance MBA Fees

Course Fee


IGNOU Distance MBA Specialization programs share the same fee structure as the IGNOU Distance MBA program, this includes the IGNOU MBAFM program. The total fee for the IGNOU MBAFM program is ₹ 62,000, with the fee per semester being ₹ 15,500.

Visit our Fee Structure page to find more details about the fee structure of the IGNOU Distance MBA programs

IGNOU Distance MBA Duration

Program Duration

2-4 years

The program duration for the IGNOU MBAFM program is identical to that of other IGNOU Distance MBA programs. The program has a minimum duration of 2 years and the maximum duration to complete the IGNOU MBAFM program is 4 years.

IGNOU Distance MBA prospectus

Program Structure

IGNOU’s MBA in Financial Management shares its program structure with other MBA Specialization programs from IGNOU. The detailed breakdown of the MBAFM program is as follows:

  • The total number of courses (subjects) for the IGNOU MBAFM program is 28.
  • The courses per semester for the IGNOU MBAFM program are 7.
  • There is a total of 19 core courses in the program.
  • The total number of specialization courses in the IGNOU MBAFM program is 8, 4 courses each in the 3rd and the 4th semester.
  •  The project course (MMPP-001) is also a part of the 3rd semester.
  • The total credit weightage for the program is 116, each course having a weightage of 4.

To obtain the IGNOU MBA in Financial Management degree, a student needs to complete all 28 of the courses (19 core courses, 8 specialization courses, and 1 project course). 

To learn more about the course structure of the IGNOU Distance MBA programs, visit our Course Structure page.

IGNOU Distance MBA Admission Procedure

Eligibility Criteria

Similar to other distance MBA programs, the basic eligibility for applying to the IGNOU MBAFM admission is having a 3-year bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution or an equivalent certificate from any reputed university. The minimum required score is 50% (45% for candidates from reserved categories). 

IGNOU has recently removed the need for clearing the OPENMAT entrance exam to apply for the IGNOU Distance MBA admission, this also includes the IGNOU MBAFM program, making it an ideal time to apply for the IGNOU Distance MBA programs.  

To get more information regarding the eligibility criteria for the IGNOU Distance MBA programs, visit our Eligibility Criteria page.

ignou distance mba regional centers

IGNOU MBA in Financial Management Admission

Aspirants interested in gaining admission for the IGNOU MBA in Financial Management can visit IGNOU’s official admission portal and apply for the same. 

IGNOU Admission Portal Link: https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/index.php/site/index

To know more about the admission procedure for the IGNOU Distance MBA programs, visit our admission Procedure page.

IGNOU Distance MBA eligibility

Entrance Test

No entrance test is required for IGNOU MBAFM admission. Interested candidates can apply for MBAFM admission by visiting the official admission portal of IGNOU, the link is given above.

IGNOU Distance MBA application forms

Medium of delivery

IGNOU offers all their MBA programs, including the MBAFM program in the English language. Unfortunately, The MBA programs are only offered in English by IGNOU. The program is not available in Hindi or any other regional languages.

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Mode of Delivery

IGNOU designed its MBA programs with flexibility in mind, and the same applied to the MBAFM program. IGNOU uses a variety of different sources to deliver the MBAFM program, giving great versatility to the program while simultaneously providing numerous options to the students. The prominent mode of delivery used by IGNOU for the distance MBA programs is given below.

  • Printed Materials: IGNOU provides several study materials to its students, greatly helping the self-learning process. The majority of the self-learning materials are distributed as books (physical and ebooks).
  • Audio and Visual Material Aids: To further assist the learning process, IGNOU also provides numerous visual and audio aids that are usually broadcasted through the learner support centers during scheduled counseling sessions. These visual and audio materials can also be found through Doordarshan broadcasts and through certain stations of All India Radio broadcasts respectively.
  • Counseling sessions: IGNOU schedules numerous counseling sessions throughout the year, usually at their student support centers to provide more learning opportunities for the students. The counseling sessions are usually conducted on weekends (to easily accommodate professionals).
  • eGyanKosh: The eGyanKosh is one of the largest study-material archives in the world. Self-learning materials for over 2400 IGNOU courses are freely given to learners, teachers, or any interested candidate through eGyanKosh. IGNOU MBAFM students can also make use of eGyanKosh to quickly access their learning materials.
  • IGNOU e-Content Mobile App: The e-Content app is IGNOU official mobile app. Its main goal is to efficiently distribute the learning materials to the students through their mobile devices. Students can download the IGNOU e-Content app on their mobile devices from the app stores on their phones or tablets.
IGNOU Distance MBA application forms

Salient Features of the IGNOU MBAFM program

The IGNOU Distance MBA in Financial Management (MBAFM) comes with many unique features, some of which are as follows:

  • Emphasizes the Financial Management field
  • Flexible and easily admission procedure
  • Approved by national educational authorities such as UGC and AICTE
  • Equally available for the entire country and in select foreign locations
  • Wallet-friendly program with great scope
  • Multi-media approach by IGNOU for the delivery of the program
  • Easily understandable audio and visual learning materials
  • Direct or live interaction with faculties and with other students
  • Students are evaluated throughout the program through assignments
  • The flexibility of attending the term-end exams twice a year
  • Visual materials are freely telecasted through Doordarshan
  • Audio materials are freely available through some stations of All India Radio

IGNOU MBA Specialization Prospectus

Unlike previous years, IGNOU has decided to unveil a free prospectus for the MBA Specialization programs. Candidates can download the MBA Specialization prospectus from IGNOU’s official website or by clicking the link below.

IGNOU Distance MBA Specialization Prospectus: http://ignou.ac.in/userfiles/MBA%20Specialisation%20Prospectus.pdf

You can also visit our Prospectus page to know more about the IGNOU Distance MBA prospectus.

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