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IGNOU has started offering its highly desirable Master of Business Administration (MBA) program online. Now, aspirants can complete their IGNOU Online MBA program from their homes, all they’ll need is a stable internet connection and a smart device.

The classes will be given in the form of live online sessions and pre-recorded classes, study materials shall also be completely digital. IGNOU also has its own Learning Management System (LMS) for managing the online course materials. IGNOU Online MBA program is provided by IGNOU’s School of Management Studies (SOMS) and similar to other IGNOU MBA programs, the online MBA program is also approved by AICTE. Admission for the new online MBA program by IGNOU starts in early 2023. 

To know more about IGNOU MBA admission (including IGNOU Online MBA), please visit our Admission Procedure page.

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Quick Info: Online MBA from IGNOU

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The information about the online MBA given below are for quick reading. Detailed information will be update soon.

IGNOU Distance MBA Fees

Course Fee

₹ 62,000

This is the total fee for the IGNOU online MBA program. See the detailed fee structure and comparison for further details and a breakdown of fees for each semester or course. The fee per semester is ₹ 15,500. 

Details regarding the IGNOU MBA fee structure are elaborated on our Fee Structure page.

IGNOU Distance MBA Duration

Course Duration

2-4 years

Like other MBA programmes provided by IGNOU, the Online MBA program also has a standard programme duration of 2 years. Maximum duration to complete the program is 4 years.

IGNOU Distance MBA prospectus


IGNOU Online MBA [prospectus] is an easily accessible booklet containing all the necessary information regarding the IGNOU Online MBA (MBAOL) program, which includes the [fee structure], [course structure], [syllabus], [admission details], and a lot more. Candidates can download the IGNOU Online MBA prospectus on IGNOU’s official website or by clicking on the link below. 

IGNOU Online MBA prospectus link: http://ignou.ac.in/userfiles/MBA%20Online%20Prospectus.pdf

 More information regarding the IGNOU MBA prospectus can be found on our [Prospectus] page

IGNOU Distance MBA eligibility

Eligibility Criterion


Candidates who have completed their bachelor’s degree program from any reputed university with at least 50% marks (45% marks for reserved categories) can apply for the online MBA program.

Our Eligibility Criteria page details more about the eligibility criterion for the IGNOU MBA admission..

IGNOU Distance MBA entrance exam OPENMAT

Entrance Test

There are no entrance exams for the online MBA from IGNOU. You can apply online and the admissions will be based on merit.

IGNOU Distance MBA application forms

How to Apply & Application Forms

You can directly apply for admission online via the IGNOU website. To get admission, visit: https://iop.ignouonline.ac.in/programme/p21

Online MBA  Specializations

The IGNOU online MBA program can allows you to specialize your MBA in any one of the following streams:

Human Resource Management

Financial Management

Operations Management

Marketing Management

The specialization stream should be specified during the time of admission. There is a provision  for specifying your specialization during the time of admission to the online MBA program.

Other Features of the Online MBA Program

  • The programme is approved by AICTE
  • Available across India and select countries abroad.
  • Updated and latest curriculum and study materials.
  • Fee is very affordable compared to other online MBA programs.
  • Promotes flexible learning via the Learning Management System.

Mode of Delivery

One of the most unique aspects of the IGNOU Online MBA (MBAOL) program is the online mode of delivery adopted by IGNOU for the program, making MBAOL the only exclusively online MBA program offered by IGNOU. The following are how IGNOU is expected to deliver the online MBA program to the students:

  • Printed materials: IGNOU shall be delivering copies of materials to the students as printed books. In the case of the online MBA program, ebooks will be delivered.
  • Audio-Visual Materials: IGNOU uses specially designed audio and visual materials for making the learning process easier for the students. Usually, the audio and video materials by IGNOU last for up to 30 minutes and are telecasted at learner support centers during counseling hours. The visual materials for the IGNOU Online MBA program are also telecasted on Doordarshan while the audio materials can be heard through the select stations of All India Radio.
  • Counseling sessions: IGNOU also arranges counseling sessions for IGNOU MBA students. The counseling sessions are usually held on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). In the specific case of IGNOU Online MBA, these counseling sessions are conducted online as live interactive sessions. 
  • eGyanKosh: eGyanKosh is an online archive of study materials provided by IGNOU. eGyanKosh contains self-study materials for over 2500 courses from various fields. All IGNOU MBA students are expected to make use of the eGyanKosh repository for accessing necessary study materials.
  • IGNOU e-Content Mobile App: The e-Content mobile app is one of IGNOU’s latest attempts to digitalize its programs. IGNOU Online MBA program also utilizes the convenience of the e-Content app for swiftly delivering the learning materials to the students. IGNOU Online MBA students can download the IGNOU e-Content mobile app for their mobile devices or tablets through the official app stores of their devices.

FAQ – Online MBA

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Online Distance MBA is answered here.

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Is IGNOU Online MBA program recognized by AICTE?

Yes the IGNOU onlineMBA program is recognized  All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE). 

How valid is the distance MBA offered by IGNOU?

Since the online mbaprogram is approved by  AICTE. This makes it acceptable anywhere in in India, that being said, the recruiters might have their own set of norms for the candidate they prefer and varies widely from company to company. The placement prospects for the program varies from company to company. If you have the right set of skills along with an online MBA, you are always a contender for a better job.

Will it help me to get a job?

IGNOU’s MBA is a certification that you have successfully completed the courses prescribed by IGNOU. You will need skills relevant to your field of work to be successfully placed in a company.

Is IGNOU MBA valid for government jobs?

Yes, most government agencies and public sector companies accept IGNOU’s MBA program.

Can I work while I am doing my online MBA from IGNOU?

Yes, the classes and learning is completely online through IGNOU’s Learning Management System.

Is there an Entrance Test for Admission

No, There is currently no entrance test for admission to online MBA from IGNOU.

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