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The total fee for the distance MBA program is ₹ 62,000.

Read further in this page to get the Semester and course wise breakdown of the fee structure for IGNOU Distance MBA. 

If you are a foreign student then you can get the fee structure by scrolling here.

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Fee Structure

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IGNOU has recently revised the program fee structure for its Distance MBA program, the latest fee structure is as follows:

The total fee for the IGNOU Distance MBA program is ₹ 62,000

Fee per semester: ₹ 15,500

The total fee for IGNOU Distance MBF (Banking and Finance) program is ₹ 62,000 (₹ 15,500 per semester).

The total fee for IGNOU Distance MBA specialization programs (including MBAFM, MBAHM, MBAMM, and MBAOM) is also ₹ 62,000 (A semester fee of ₹ 15,500).

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Fee Structure for Foreign Students

The above fee structure is valid for Indian students only. This section covers detailed fee structure for foreign students and the fee comparisons. Continue reading to know more.

Foreign students have different fees. The foreign students are divided into two: those from SAARC countries and those from Non SAARC Countries.

Students from SAARC Countries

Are you from a SAARC country?

You can also enroll in the MBA program.

The total fee for students from SAARC countries is ₹ 62,000 (same as Indian students).

Students from other Countries

Are you from a country other than India or SAARC countries?
Foreign students (excluding the SAARC countries) need to pay a semester fee of ₹ 81.306 for the 1st, 2nd, and 4th semesters while the 3rd semester will have a fee of ₹ 10,7176

Fee structure details of IGNOU MBA programs are given in IGNOU’s MBA prospectus. To know more about the IGNOU MBA prospectus, kindly visit our Prospectus page. 

Fee Structure Comparison With Other Universities

Now that you have an idea about the fees for MBA in IGNOU university, we can have a fee comparison of distance MBA of different distance education universities in India.

University Name of Program Fee
IGNOU Master of Business Administration (Distance) ₹62,000
SMUDE (Sikkim Manipal University Directorate of Distance Education) Master of Business Administration ₹85,000
Amity University Master of Business Administration ₹1,41,800
Annamalai University Master of Business Administration ₹39,700

The above table compares the fee structure of IGNOU’s correspondence MBA with other leading universities providing the same. It is evident from the above comparison that the fee for IGNOU’s program is on the lower side which makes it one of the reasons of choice for distance MBA aspirants.

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