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IGNOU MBA in Banking and Finance is the distance learning MBAprogram especially created for Bankers and other executives related to the banking/ finance sector. This program is exclusively created targeting the professionals from the banking sector.

Banking and financial sector in our country is expected to grow because a large part of our community who are not using the service is likely to utilize it in the near future. To create an efficient and transparent banking and financial system well trained and efficient managers are needed.

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Fee Structure

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Total course fee: ₹ 31,500

The fee structure of the program is divided on the courses you have to take in the program. A total of ₹ 1500 is charged per course.

The fee can be paid into your regional centers in your city as Bank Draft from any of the bank in favor of IGNOU or in any designated branch of Indian Bank and IDBI Bank through bank challans.

Eligibility Criteria

IGNOU MBA in Banking and Finance follow a slightly complicated eligibility criterion:

  1. The candidate should be a member of Indian Institute of Bankers.
  2. The candidate should have cleared the CAIIB examination by Indian Institute of Bankers, Mumbai.
  3. The candidate should have at least 2 years of experience in banking and financial sector.
  4. Candidate should be graduated from a recognized university.

If you don’t have the qualifications like being member of IIB and clearing  CAAIB, you can try the general Master of Business Administration from IGNOU .

OPENMAT Exam Syllabus

The program is a completely distance MBA program specially designed for banking and finance. The program is designed with the help of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) for the members of IIBF as a post-graduation program.

IGNOU delivers various course materials to the students through postal service, internet or other mode of communication. The study materials include both printed paper contents and multimedia contents, this includes print study materials of each course sent to the student each semester, audio and visual materials for enhancing the interaction between the university and the student, counseling sessions for face-to-face interaction with the student, interactive radio counseling for maintaining a live non face-to-face contact with the student. Student materials are also provided through various educational channels such as Gyan Darshan television channels and Gyan Vani radio channels.

Program Duration

Minimum course duration: 2.5 years

Maximum course duration: 8 years

Unlike other regular MBA programs by IGNOU the minimum course completion duration of MBA in Banking and Finance is 2.5 years. MBA in Banking and Finance also follows semester system like other MBA programs with each semester lasting for 6 months.

Admission Procedure

Admission will be given to all the eligible candidates within the maximum limit agreed between IGNOU and IIBF. The application form is to be filled with the requisite fee and necessary document and to be sent to the regional director for admission. The qualification certificate of CAIIB examination must be provided with other necessary documents.

Application Forms

The application forms are available inside the prospectus, which can either obtained online from IGNOU website or in person from IGNOU Regional Centers/Study Centers or Head Quarters

Course structure

The program follows semester system with each semester lasting 6 months. With 5 semesters in the program the course completion period is 2.5 years. The complete the program students have to clear 21 courses with 11 basic courses (MS-1 to MS-11), 5 specialization courses and 5 integrated courses. To see the complete list of courses, see the prospectus.

All the 21 courses in the program have to be cleared within the maximum program duration of 8 years to achieve the MBA in Banking and Finance from IGNOU.

Who should Seek Admission and Why?

The MPB program a combination between regular MBA programs with banking and finance, so that you can use your banking and finance knowledge in an effective and more efficient manner. The program is meant for banking and finance graduate members from IIFB who have already cleared the CAIIB examination as a post graduate financial and banking program. In-service banking and financial personals are the desired candidates for this program as it is meant to enhance their management skills.

Career prospects

The program is specifically targeted for CAIIB certificate holders who are willing to pursue a post-graduation in banking and finance. Completion of the MBA BF would help you to rise the leadership roles in your company or bank.

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