IGNOU Distance MBA Course Structure 2022

The list of subjects in the distance learning MBA program from IGNOU in 2022. See list of all Compulsory Subjects, Project, Elective subjects and General Subjects.

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Course Structure - Overview

The IGNOU Distance MBA program and the MBA in Banking and Finance (MBF) contains 28 subjects (known as courses) in total.

To obtain the IGNOU MBA degree with specialisation (MBA in Human Resource Management (MBAHM), MBA in Operations Management (MBAOM), MBA in Financial Management (MBAFM) or MBA in Market Management (MBAMM)), you should complete the following combination of courses:

  • 19 core courses from MMPC-001 to MMPC-020 (except MMPC-017)
  • 8 specialisation courses from one of the chosen field.
  • 1 project course named MMPP-001 (project course MMPP-001 is equivalent to 2 courses).
  • Total number of courses is 28.

List of Subjects for Distance MBA

This section is about the subjects involved in correspondence MBA. Read on to know more:Subjects from MMPC-001 to MMPC-020The table below lists out the 20 core courses (semester wise) required for IGNOU MBA program.Semester 1 
Subject CodeSubjectTitle
MMPC-001Management Functions and Organisational Processes
MMPC-002Human Resource Management
MMPC-003Business Environment
MMPC-004Accounting and Managers
MMPC-005Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications
MMPC-006Marketing Management
MMPC-007Business Communication
Semester 2
Subject CodeSubjectTitle
MMPC-008Information System for Managers
MMPC-009Management of Machines and Materials
MMPC-010Managerial Economics
MMPC-011Social Processes and Behavioural Issues
MMPC-012Strategic Management
MMPC-013Business Laws
MMPC-014Financial Management
Semester 3 
Subject CodeSubjectTitle
MMPC-015Research Methodology for Management Decisions
MMPC-016International Business Management
MMPP-001Project course (Equals to 2 programs)
Semester 4 
Subject CodeSubjectTitle
MMPC-017Advanced Strategic Management
MMPC-019 Total Quality Management
MMPC-020 Business Ethics and CSR

Specialization Subjects

The specialisation courses for the IGNOU Distance MBA program and IGNOU MBA with specialisation (includes MBF, MBAFM,MBAMM, MBAOM AND MBAHM) are as follows:

Specialisation StreamSubject Code and Title
Human Resource Management
  1. MMPH-001 Organisational Theory and Design
  2. MMPH-002 Human Resource Development
  3. MMPH-004 Industrial and Employment Relations
  4. MMPH-005 Organisational Development and Change
  5. MMPH-006 Organisational Dynamics
  6. MMPH-007 Compensation and Reward management
  7. MMPH-009 International Human Resource Management
Finance Management
  1. MMPF-001 Working Capital Management
  2. MMPF-002 Capital Investment and Financing Decisions
  3. MMPF-003 Management Control System
  4. MMPF-006 Management of Financial Services
  5. MMPF-011 Management of Insurance Services
Marketing Management
  1. MMPM-001 Consumer Behaviour
  2. MMPM-002 Sales Management
  3. MMPM-003 Product and Brand Management
  4. MMPM-005 Marketing of Services
Operations Management
  1. MMPO-001 Operations Research
  2. MMPO-002 Project Management
  3. MMPO-005 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  4. MMPO-006 Materials Management

More specialisation courses (for Semester VI) shall also be announced soon by IGNOU.

MBF Specialisation programs:

The Following are the specialisation courses to be opted for the IGNOU MBF (MBA in Banking and Finance) program for the third semester:

Specialisation StreamSubject Code and Title
Banking and Finance
  1. MMPB-001 Bank Financial Management
  2. MMPB-004 Risk Management in Banks
  3. MMPB-006 Corporate Governance in Banking and Finance Sector
  4. MMPF-006 Management of Financial Services

Credit Weightage of the Courses

2-4 years

In order to complete the IGNOU MBA program, a student must complete 28 courses. The credit weightage is as follows:

  • Each core course (20 in total) has a credit weightage if 4. Total core courses credit: 20 x 4 = 80.
  • Specialisation course (7 in total) also holds a credit weightage of 4. Total specialisation courses credit: 7 x 4 =  28.
  • Project course (MMPP-001) is regarded as 2 courses, thus holds a credit weightage of 8.
  • Total credit weightage: 80 + 28 + 8 = 116.

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Have some queries about the distance MBA fees? Checkout the FAQs below:

A student must successfully complete a total of 28 courses (subjects) to complete the distance MBA program by IGNOU.

Currently IGNOU offers the following specialisations for their MBA program:

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Operations Management
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Finance Management

IGNOU Distance MBA students are expected to complete a total of 7 courses (subjects) per semester.

There are 20 core courses in IGNOU’s MBA program. The number of core courses in IGNOU MBA (with specialisation) is 19.

There is a total of 7 specialization subjects (courses) in IGNOU MBA program and a total of 8 specialization subjects in IGNOU MBA (specialization program).

IGNOU Distance MBA syllabus is available in our syllabus page. The same can be found the prospectus for the distance MBA program.

The total credit weightage of the IGNOU Distance MBA program is 116. A weightage of 4 is allocated to each of the courses.

A student need to have an overall credit weightage of 116 and finish all 28 courses to complete the program. IGNOU do offer an early exit option for those who do not wish to complete the full 2 years of the program (the exit option is available after the first 2 semesters).

IGNOU’s distance MBA program is one of the few distance MBA programs in India that carry a similar reputation to a regular MBA degree obtained from a recignised university.

Yes, IGNOU’s MBA programs are accredited by both UGC and AICTE. They are valid both in India and abroad.

IGNOU strictly follows a tight and well designed syllabus for their famed MBA programs. The quality of the distance MBA program is certainly on par with any regular MBA program that can be found in India or abroad.

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