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The IGNOU Distance MBA program structure contains 21 Subjects (known as courses) in total.

To obtain the MBA degree, you should have completed the following combination of Subjects:

  • 11 Subjects from MS-1 to 11
  • 5 Specialization Category Subjects.
  • Compulsory Subjects MS 91 and MS 95.
  • 1 Elective Subject (MS 92/93/94/96/97)
  • 1 Project Subject (MS-100) (This Subject is equivalent to 2 Subjects)

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List of Subjects for Distance MBA

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This section is about the subjects involved in correspondence MBA. Read on to know more:

Subjects from MS-1 to MS 11

The table below lists out the general Subjects (Subjects) included in the MBA program.

Subject Title
MS-1Management Functions and Behaviour
MS-2Management of Human Resources
MS-3Economic and Social Environment
MS-4Accounting and Finance for Managers
MS-5Management of Machines and Materials
MS-6Marketing for Managers
MS-7Information Systems for Managers
MS-8Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications
MS-9Managerial Economics
MS-10Organisational Design, Development and Change
MS-11Strategic Management

Specialization Subjects

The specialization Subjects are the list of Subjects that specialize in certain areas of Management.

Specialization StreamSubject
Title (and Code)
Human Resource Management

Social Processes and Behavioural Issues (MS-21)Human Resource Development(MS-22)Human Resource Planning (MS-23)Employment Relations (MS-24)

Managing Change in Organisations (MS-25)

Organisational Dynamics (MS-26)

Wage and Salary Administration (MS-27)

Labour Laws (MS-28)

International Human Resource Management (MS-22)

Financial Management

Working Capital Management (MS-41)Capital Investment and Financing Decisions (MS-42)Management Control Systems (MS-43)Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (MS-44)

International Financial Management (MS-45)

Management of Financial Services (MS-46)

Operations Management

Operations Research (MS-52)Project Management (MS-53)Production/Operations Management (MS-54)Management Information Systems (MS-55)

Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MS-56)

Materials Management (MS-57)

Maintenance Management (MS-58)

Management of R&D and Innovation (MS-59)

Marketing Management

Consumer Behaviour (MS-64)Sales Management (MS-64)Product Management (MS-64)International Marketing (MS-64)

Marketing of Services (MS-64)

Marketing Research(MS-64)

Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising (MS-64)

Rural Marketing (MS-64)

Retail Management (MS-64)

Financial Markets Practice

Equity Markets (MFP-1)Equity Derivatives (MFP-2)Commodity Markets (MFP-3)Currency and Debt Markets (MFP-4)

Professionals in Financial Markets Practice (MFP-5)

Elective Subjects

One elective Subject (Subject) should be selected from the list below:

Subject CodeName of Subject
MS-92Management of Public Enterprises
MS-93Management of New and Small Enterprises
MS-94Technology Management
MS-96Total Quality Management
MS-97International Business

Compulsory Subjects

These Subjects are compulsory for all the students of MBA program.

Subject Code

Subject Title

MS-91Advanced Strategic Management
MS-95Research Methodology for Management Decisions
MS-100Project (Equivalent to two Subjects)


To get the detailed information about the contents of the Subjects please see the syllabus.

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