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The syllabus of IGNOU’s distance MBA program contains all the information about the different subjects to be learned by a student.

The syllabus is usually given in the prospectus. Here we have taken it from the prospectus and it is available for download in a PDF format. Note that this syllabus contains electives also, which are to be taken according to the semester the student is currently attending.

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You can get the syllabus pdf file using the link below:

This is the collective syllabus for MBA and other Management programs offered by the School of Management Studies (SOMS) under IGNOU. The completion of different combinations of the subjects in the syllabus will enable you to be awarded with MBA or other Diploma Courses. See the subject combinations for  getting an MBA from IGNOU.

This syllabus is also available in the prospectus in Appendix 8. We saved this version just for you because finding it out from the prospectus every time you want to refer the syllabus is little tedious. Moreover it is always handy to have a separate copy of the syllabus to have a serious distraction free learning experience.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The above syllabus only include the details of the courses MMPC-001 to MMPC-014 (14 core courses of the first and second semesters). Details about the remaining 14 courses from third and fourth semesters shall be updated when it’s officially released by IGNOU.

Contents of the Syllabus

To complete IGNOU MBA, a student must complete 28 course (subjects) mentioned in the prospectus. They are:

  • 20 core courses (Compulsory courses that is common for all MBA students regardless of the specialisation).
  • 7 specialisation courses (7 courses from one of the chosen specialisation)
  • 1 project course (this course is considered as 2 course).

Core Subjects:

All IGNOU MBA student must attain satisfactory grades in these 20 courses (course code: MMPC-001 to MMPC-020) to successfully complete the program.

Specialisation Subjects:

  • Each IGNOU MBA student is expected to choose 7 courses from a specialised field, such as Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, Marketing Management or Services Management. 
  • To obtain your IGNOU MBA degree with a specialisation, one must complete 7 specialisation courses from his/her chosen specialisation area (along with 20 core courses and project course).
  • The specialisation courses are chosen in the third and fourth semesters of the program (four in third semester and three in the final semester, to be exact).

Note: Although the prospectus elaborates about the core courses and the project course, it lacks any finer details regarding the specialisation courses. Details regarding the same shall be announced at a later date. We shall update the section when IGNOU announces further details regarding the specialisation courses.  


  • The project course of the IGNOU MBA program is code named MMPP-001.
  • The project course of equivalent to 2 courses, a fact that is reflected in the course fee and the credit weightage of the course (it is considered as one while registering for the sake of ease).
  • MMPP-001 is introduced in the third semester. 

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