IGNOU offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management Programs for aspirant management students.

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There are two varieties of PG Diploma programs. They are:

  1. General PG Diploma Program (PGDIM)
  2. Specialization PG Diploma Programs (PGSDM)
  3. Diploma in Management (DIM)

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Post Graduate Diploma in Management Program

The PGDIM program basically consists of 11 subjects in the Management prospectus namely MS 1 to MS 11. The details of these subjects are covered in the management prospectus issued by IGNOU. They are the general subjects concerning with Management education.

Fee Structure for  PGDIM

Total Fee : ₹ 16,500

There are a total of 11 subjects and the fee per subject is ₹ 1,500 so the total program fee would be ₹16,500.

Program Duration

Minimum Duration: 1.5 Years

The minimum duration to complete the program is 1.5 years. It is always better to complete the program within the minimum duration period.