IGNOU MBA in Aviation Business Management is a two year (Four semester) regular MBA program for people who aspire to be part of the Aviation industry.

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Even though air travel is not the most popular mode of transportation among Indian population, its importance have more than tripled in the recent time because of the growing business and economic demand across the country. People needed a faster mode of transportation and aerial transportation soon became their best friend. Currently, there are no other alternative fast mode of transportation available in India this also helped the rapid growth of aviation industry in the country.

IGNOU has designed an MBA program to deal with the extreme demand of management personals in various aviation facilities varying from airport to manufacturing facilities. The program suites the ever changing aviation industry and help students familiarize with the industry practices and standards.

Fee structure

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Semester fee: ₹ 60,000

Total Program fee: ₹ 240,000

Semester system is followed for the fee structure of the program. The tuition fee for each semester is 60,000 INR i.e., the total program fee is 240,000 INR (admission fee, examination fee, registration fee are not included).