IGNOU offers Executive MBA program specializing in Human Resources management (elective) in collaboration with NIIT Imperia, a highly acclaimed IT mentor.

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The course is offered by NIIT at its various centers and the certificate is given by IGNOU. The program is part of the Executive MBA program which offers specialization electives in various departments like HR,Finance and Marketing.

Fee Structure

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The fee structure of  the Executive MBA program with HR  specialization electives is as follows:

Executive MBA admission Application Fee: ₹ 500
Total Program Fee: ₹ 1,80,000

You can remit the fee in three installments.

Fee to be remitted during Registration: ₹ 72,000
Fee Installment 1(Oct ’10): ₹ 36,000
Fee Installment 2(Dec ’10): ₹ 36,000
Fee Installment 3(Feb ’11): ₹ 36,000

All the fee above are exclusive of the service taxes applicable. The fee covers all the academic and learning material charges. The fees is non refundable.