The total fee for the distance MBA program is  ₹ 37,800.

The fee can be broken down as follows:

Total number of courses in the program= 21
(MS-100 project course is equivalent to two courses.)

The fee per course=  ₹ 1,800

The total program fee =  ₹ 1,800 x 21 =  ₹ 37,800

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The following sections cover detailed fee structure for foriegn students and the fee comparisons. Continue reading to know more.

Fee Structure for Foreign Students

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The above fee structure is valid for Indian students only. Foreign students have different fees. The foreign students are divided into two: those from SAARC countries and those from Non SAARC Countries.

Students from SAARC Countries

Are you from a SAARC country?

You can also enroll in the MBA program.

The fees is as per below:

The fee per course for students from SAARC Countries is ₹ 3,000

Total Program Fee = ₹ 3,000 x 21 = ₹ 63,000

Students from other Countries

Are you from a country other than India or SAARC countries?

You can also get admission for management programs.

Fee per course for students of other countries: USD $250

Total Program Fee = $350 x 21 = USD $ 7350