The OPENMAT entrance exam for MBA and other Management courses by IGNOU is conducted twice every year. The dates for OPENMAT should be carefully noted so that you don’t fall behind the schedule of application submission, test date, etc.

The upcoming exam is OPENMAT XLI and is scheduled to be conducted on 5th February 2017. The previous one was conducted on 21st August 2016. As a candidate who wishes to appear in the test, you should be aware of the following dates:

  1. Last Date of Submission of Application Form (Form 1)
  2. Date of the OPENMAT Exams
  3. Last date of Admission Application

Exam Application Form Last Dates

To attend the OPENMAT entrance exam you should submit the exam forms on or before the last date at IGNOU HQ via post or in person. Your application form would be rejected by IGNOU if your application reaches IGNOU HQ after the last date for submission of filled application forms.

The dates are as follows:

OPENMAT XL15th July 2016

OPENMAT XLI: 15th December 2017

Last Updated: September 10, 2016